Solar life

Designed by Brian Fields.

SW 1.2

SW 1.2 is the second in the solar walker series that Iím am working on. SW 1.2 is a much better walker the SW 1 as it has much better capabilities. The circuit is a uCore with an auto pnc. As for the specs it used an AC14 with AC245 motor driver (HC14 would have been better but hard to find now-a-days). The motors are GM16( again I love these motors). The Solar cells are two SC2433( Had these laying around waiting to put them to good use) from Solarbotics. Miller engine powers the whole thing. Two 1F 2.5V caps in series to give .5F 5V capacity. The performance of this robot is much better then SW 1. It has some really amazing climbing abilities. It can climb up thing about half its height. In noon sunlight it takes about 30 seconds to take its first steps then it pauses for about 2 seconds between charges, so it give it a sort-of preying mantis walking motion to it (very fun to watch). The only downfall about this robot is that the solar cells sticks kinda far off of the robot. oh well. Again if any question arise please ask me. More info to come!