Solar life

Designed by Brian Fields.


These type of robots are rather simple as they don’t do much more then look toward the brightest light source.

BBPH is a Bare Bones Photo Head. I couldn’t think of a name so I just named it for what it is. The circuit is very simple as it is just a barebones head. The circuit is in my circuit page. The idea of this head was to make it as active as possible. The motor I used was a GM16 from Solarbotics (pretty efficient motor). I used 2x2433 is series.  The Miller SE charged two 1000uf caps so it jumps very often. As for performance I am very pleased. Since it used two 2433 solar cells it has a lot of surface area. It will fire every 5 seconds two feet away from a 40W light! And in direct sunlight it works full time. The construction for this bot took about 4-5 hours to make, and is built totally around the GM16 motor. I love to freeform things so Everything from the 74AC240 chip to the cap hook ups is all free formed. A fun Robot to watch. Sad to say but this robot is now dead. I set it down on a railing almost like the one shown in the picture—well I forgot it was there and my elbow knocked it off. It fell about 5 feet. The funny thing is that the solar cells are fine(I was very happy because Panasonic does not make these bad boys anymore, Very Disappointing), but they motor managed to strip a gear making it totally useless. Currently I am remaking this robot and will be ready very soon


This is the new version of BBPH. New motor as well as a 47000uf cap. Also one solar cell.