Solar life

Designed by Brian Fields.

Circuits 2


This is the Miller popper and it is really just a more complicated Miller SE. Not much to say about itóits simple and doesnít require much. The 1uf caps are the timing caps so they can be adjusted to give best performance. Brett Hemes made very good use of this circuit in a turbot that is really cool-Check it out!



This is the Solarbotics BEP turbot that they have. This is the circuit that I used in my Turbot 2.5. Itís a very nice circuit and is not that hard to build. There is only one flaw with it that I have to that Grant McKee(formly from Solarbotics) for helping me with it. In this wiring diagram the one 1k resistor going to pin 15/16 should be going to 8/14. If itís not then when its right side up it wonít work when one of the photodiodes is in the light (forget which one). This can be battery or solar powered. A Miller engine is best to use for this circuit. Solarbotics has a GREAT Tutorial check it out here.† The transistors are 2222.Pins down

This is the pummer circuit as you can tell. Not to much to say about it. Very good circuit as used in my plate robot. Solarbotics has a great tutorial for it. Caps are .22uf and d1 is a small diode. Pins down