Solar life

Designed by Brian Fields.


These little guys are as simple as you can get. They take no longer then half an hour to make and they are super energetic. Basically all Symets are is a motor, a SE (Solar engine, see circuit page), a capacitor, and a solar cell. The way you set up these parts is somewhat important though because a symet goes around then when it bumps into something it falls on another side and goes off that way.†







Miller Solar EngineĖ J Trigger(2.7V)

CD Player Motor

A Broken 2433 solar cell

1000+3300=4300 Cap


†††††††††††††††† Fracture to date is my only symet. He is totally made of spare and broken parts. Although the solar cell looks like a 2422 it is actually a 2433 that got a third broken off it. The clear plastic ring is the center of a CD that I managed to glue onto the bottom of the motor. Although I am not a very big fan of symets they do add a sense of chaos to your RJP (Robot Jurassic Park). I plan to at least build one more.


Basically all that a pummer is, is a sophisticated night light. For all they do is charge when there is bright enough light and then flash when it gets dark enough. If the flashing could make a noise it would go like this-PPUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMmm††† So Iím glad it just makes light and not noise. I would go insane.



Plate is my only pummer that I have. Itís the same circuit that Solarbotics has. It is also in my circuit section. The funning thing about this pummer is that it sits on a rather large solar cell. It was salvaged from one of those solar light† that you can get at your local hardware store. It produces about 6.5 volts. I got the name because the pummer looks like it is being served on a plate. It only has a 1F cap and the two little leds that are from solarbotics. On a full charge it will go for about 2 and a half hours. A fun little device.


Quad is very simple. It is the same thing as the Solarbotics 1381 Symet kit. Just that I changed the motor to make it look and work better. I soldered everything mainly to the motor to make things simple. While most people go with a circle for the outside cap leads I went with a square, itís mainly because I couldnít form a good circle. The funny marks on the solar cell is where glue messed it up-heh still works.