Solar life

Designed by Brian Fields.

SW 1 is my first solar walking robot. Although I have built walkers before it is the first one that is solar powered and one that I liked. Although some of the soldering is somewhat bad the robot turned out rather nice and rather small. The robot brains are super simple as it is just a master/slave bicore setup. I used HCT240ís for the bicores because they are more power efficient. The motors are GM16s from Solarbotics (great little motors although these one are a little banged up). Itís powered by a Miller SE. I used two 1F 2.5 caps in series to give me a .5F 5V capacity. The solar cell is SC3733 from Solarbotics. These cells are really not that bad I had my doubts at first but the do pack a good punch. As in bright afternoon sun this guy will run full time. As for ability a master/slave bicore setup for a solar walker is not bad, Although the climbing ability for this guy is almost none existent. It is fun to watch scurry across whatever surface itís walking on. If you got any question about this robot please send them to me. More info later!

SW 1

Master/Slave Bicore